17 May 2017

The Wytch's Circle - 2017 intake

Commencing just after the first full moon following the timing of the Southern Imbolc, The Wytch's Circle will run for four sessions, held weekly, and will provide participants indepth information into the beliefs and spiritual practices of Wicca (modern Wytchcraft) and Paganism through the use of ritual, magick, divination and much more.

nce it's first conception nearly 10 years ago, The Wytch's Circle still continues to be specifically designed for those students who are genuinely interested in the art magical.  
Whether a complete novice or a solitary practitioner, The Wytch's Circle offers the student a variety of techniques to craft a solid foundation upon which to base their own practice.  This is created through the use of practical application, detailed instruction and obtaining actual personal experience.